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Active Neighboring News

Dear Friends,

An amazing assortment of activities and events coming soon:

1)  Composting Workshop on 1/29

2)   New Project ‘WILD’ Workshop, Scout Badges, etc. at Fenner

3)  Show Me the Money Day on 1/29

4)   New ENO/Frandor Possibilities on 2/ 2

5)   New Mid-MEAC’s Native Plant Landscaping on 2/4

6)   New Welcome, Listening Ear, to the Eastside!

7)   Garden Leaders and Seed Starting

8)    New Jungle Love: The Animal Dating Game on 2/5

9)   Tai Chi in Hunter Park, every Sat. morn

10)  New Local Artist Seeks Space in which to Paint

11)  Daddy-Daughter/Mother-Son Ball on 2/7

12)   New News from the Ingham County Land Bank

13)  New Bea Christy Award Dinner on 2/11

14)                 ‘Jazz Up South’ on 2/10 and 2/12

15)    Seed Starting at the GardenHouse on 2/12

16)    Food Conference on 2/17

17) Maximizing the Green$ from Your Garden on 2/19

18)  New Mobile Food Pantry on 2/19

19)  Youth Gardening Coalition Summit on 2/26

20)  New Smoothie Recipes

21)  New Quote of the Week

Your Friends at ANC

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Active Neighboring News

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

2011 is off to a busy start:

1)  New ANC Senior Group Hosts P.A.T.H., beginning Wednesday, 1/12

2)   New Garden Leaders Training starts Wednesday, 1/12

3)   New Planning Your Gardening Year, this Saturday, 12/15

4)   New Tai Chi in Hunter Park, every Saturday

5)   New Holiday Tree Pick Up continues this week

6)   New She Laughs VI, on Friday on 1/14

7)   New Docent Recruitment for Zoo on 1/15

8)   New Mid-MEAC Fundraiser on 1/15

9)   New Winter Enrichment Event at Zoo on 1/16

10) New Blue Grass Event on 1/17

11) New Free Day at Hawk Island on 1/17

12) New Fenner Offerings:  Campfires, Hikes

13) New Active Neighboring Café on 1/22

14) New Hawk Island Tri Registration Opens

15) New Composting Workshop on 1/29

16) New Capacity Building Workshop on 2/15

17)                   Food Conference on 2/17

18)                   Quote of the Week

P.S. If you would like your neighborhood meeting or event listed in the February-March edition of the Eastside Neighbor newsletter, please email Joan Nelson with details by January 12.  Thank you!

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