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Active Neighboring News: Wood Windows, Perfect Market Weather, Smart Commute & more!

Active Neighboring News
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

If you’d like to sign up to receive our Active Neighboring News and Market Alert e-bulletin, click the link to the right!  Please note that the left column features all that you are accustomed to seeing in the Active Neighboring News E-Bulletin (the scoop on neighborhood and City goings-on) while the right column features our weekly Allen Street Farmers Market Alert.  The Market Alert will tell you which vendors are at the Market this week and what they are selling, as well as provide details about entertainment, featured non-profits, our generous Day Sponsors, festivals (like next week’s Strawberry extravaganza), and more.  See you at the Market!

  1. Wood Window Restoration (A Hands-On Workshop) on 6/23
  2. New Tip (and invitation) from our Visiting Gardner
  3. Volunteer at the GardenHouse or at the Market for a Good Time!
  4. Focus Group on Aggressive Dogs on 6/19
  5. New Art of Nature on 6/16
  6. New ITEC ‘Computer Extension’ Workshops on 6/16 & 6/20
  7. New Mobile Food Pantry on 6/16
  8. Smart Commute begins 6/10
  9. New Summer Solstice Jazz Festival on 6/22-23
  10. New Volunteers Needed for Festival of Sun/Moon 6/22-23
  11. New Taste of Downtown on 7/7
  12. New Tips from Van Atta’s during this DRY SEASON
  13. Nominate A Deserving Neighbor for a Preservation Award
  14. Low Income Spay/Neuter Help is Available
  15. New Way to Report Code Violations On-Line
  16. Lansing Walkability Audit Volunteers Needed
  17. Spring & Summer Activities Guide(New Edition)
  18. LPD Online Crime Reporting
  19. Lead Safe Lansing
  20. CATA’s Route 18 Hawk Island/Trappers Cove
  21. Quote of the Week

Your Friends at ANC
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