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With farming and gardening experience, the Gardening Educator makes yard calls during the growing season to help Eastside neighbors tackle various gardening issues:

  • Identify plant diseases in your garden
  • Help plan the layout of a new garden
  • Help with soil testing
  • Pick out vegetables that work best for your yard
  • Show you how to grow and care for different kinds of vegetables

ANC understands that sometimes it’s easier to learn if someone can show firsthand how to do a certain task, and the Gardening Educator is available to do just that. The Gardening Educator can also organize a group of volunteers to come help clear a plot of land for gardening or install raised beds—anything to help our neighbors start growing their own vegetables!

$15 suggested donation. To schedule a Yard Call contact: 517-999-3913, or gardeningeducator@allenneighborhoodcenter.org