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Doctor Appointments

ANC’s Medical Homes Program will help you get health coverage if you have none and set up appointments to find a doctor you feel comfortable with.

Why See a Doctor Now?

Even if you are healthy today, there are a few great reasons to get enrolled in a healthcare program, find a doctor you like, and start going for regular checkups.

  • With ongoing care, you and your doctor can help prevent serious illness from developing.
  • Your doctor can give you prescriptions for medicines to take care of any conditions or illnesses you already have.
  • In case something does happen, the doctor will already know your medical history, so you avoid paperwork and spend less time in the waiting room.

Help ANC Provides

ANC’s Medical Homes Program will take you through the following steps:

  1. If you don’t have healthcare, we’ll get you enrolled in either the Ingham County Health Plan or Medicaid (check the FAQ to see if you qualify and what to bring to enroll)
  2. Assign you to the clinic that is closest to you and set up an appointment for you to meet a doctor so you can get to know them
  3. Give you the address, map, and contact information for your clinic
  4. Send you a reminder letter and call you to remind you about your appointment
  5. Answer any of your questions or concerns