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Here’s how the Exchange works:


1. Farmers and food producers post descriptions of their products they wish to sell on the website by Sunday and Thursday at 5pm. (Find a tutorial on how to “post” here.)




2. Registered buyers can browse the Exchange website, making purchases as they go. All buyers are able to choose from the bounty of any of our sellers.Orders are placed by 8pm each Monday and Friday. Check out the buyer order/receiving schedule here.



4564_98811267812_2167163_n 3. Farmers & food producers are notified immediately via email, as soon as an order is placed. Orders placed on Monday are expected to be fulfilled by that Wednesday, and orders placed Friday are expected to be fulfilled by the following Monday. This allows us to get the freshest possible product to our buyers! Check out the farmer & food producer order schedule here.




4. Orders are delivered by the farmers/producers directly to the Allen Market Place where they are aggregated for buyers. Buyers can choose to either pick-up from the Allen Market Place or have their order delivered to them by Go Green Trikes (a local tricycle delivery service).




5.  Farmers/Producers are paid weekly at 30 days net terms. Every Monday, payments will be calculated for each vendor based on the week ending the Sunday 30 days prior.




For more information about the exchange contact Kat Logan, Exchange Manager at exchange@allenneighborhoodcenter.org or 517.999.3923