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Summer Cooking Series!

Allen Neighborhood Center presents a Kids Summer Cooking Series!

Kids will make delicious food while learning all the techniques you need to create recipes of your own. Spend 4 days with us in the kitchen and explore the world of food! Taught by local home chef, Corie Jason.

Follow the link to register:



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Keys to Creativity Partners with ANC

A partnership with Keys to Creativity is bringing the work of local artists to the walls of Allen Neighborhood Center and its Allen Market Place facility.  Stop on by during the Farmers Market (Wednesdays, 2:30 – 7 pm), or any weekday between 9 am and 5 pm, to view works by Marissa Tawne Thaler, Paul Vetne, Lanet Sawyer, Jill Campbell, Jesse Collins, Wendy Dalton, and Jim McFarland. New work will arrive on a regular basis!

Keys to Creativity is a non-profit art center located at the Lansing Mall near Macy’s. It consists of a Community Gallery featuring the works of local artists, a classroom where a variety of art forms are taught to both adults and children, and an Event Gallery for solo art exhibits and a wide spectrum of programs including music, dance, poetry, theater and special exhibitions.

As part of their ongoing community outreach mission, Keys to Creativity is pleased to bring several works from their gallery to display at the Allen Neighborhood Center. All work is available for purchase.  It is their goal to not only support the many talented local artists in our community, but to make art accessible throughout the greater Lansing area for the enjoyment, inspiration and cultural enrichment of all.

For more information, call 517-657-2770,, or visit them on Facebook or at

The Artists

Marissa Tawney Thaler

Marissa is a visual artist living in Lansing, MI. She holds a BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design, where she studied Art Education and Illustration. She currently teaches art in the Waverly Community Schools and tutors from her studio in Okemos. A participating artist at Keys to Creativity, she has also been involved with the Gallery 1212 in Old Town, 4th Culture Studios, Reach Studio Art. She has been involved in many showings including ArtPrize, as well as being awarded an Art In The Sky billboard through the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and participated in the Keys in the Cities piano project.

Marissa’s work, often narrative in nature, straddles the space between Fine Art and Illustration. Using primary drawing media and often working in series, she aims to find the lighthearted side of struggles and connections in our everyday life.

Paul Vetne 

Paul “MEXONE” Vetne was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in a family of artists. His father is a ceramic potter and his mother a performing artist. The larger than life images of Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros and the dynamic art of comic books and cartoon have had a major influence on his art. Paul completed a BFA in Fine Art Painting with a secondary emphasis in Ceramic Sculpture from Andrews University.

“I express myself through painting, sculpture, illustration, printmaking, graffiti art, and tattooing. When creating art, I pull from all of this. I like texture, whether it is implied or paliable. I love bright colors, but I also enjoy using dirty earthtones. I like to express the abstract yet do so in a very precise manner, using deliberate marks, and quality linework. My use of collage and mixed media is to invite the viewer into the artwork with something familiar but encourage them to walk away with their own interpretation.”

Paul has been a professional tattoo artist for over 10 years and is currently working at “The Tattoo Shop” in Lansing, Mi. He is also co-founder/owner of the local art and design company JiveOneSeven that creates locally themed, wearable artwork and raises awareness and funding for Elementary Art Education in the public schools.

Find him at and Instagram @ mexink77

Lanet Sawyer 

Lanet Sawyer is a very experienced artist and works in several mediums, including watercolor and pastel. She is a member of several art guilds, including the Mid-Michigan Art Guild, Lansing Area/Mason Area Art Guild and the Seven Islands Art Guild. Lanet also exhibits her work throughout the Lansing area at various shows and galleries.

She is currently exhibiting works at Keys to Creativity where she also volunteers time to the gallery. She also enjoys actively working in public, answering questions of interested customers and on-lookers.

Jill Campbell 

Jill Campbell is a printmaker and photographer living in Deerfield, Michigan, but also spends time up at their cabin in the northern edges of the Georgian Bay, Canada, traveling Michigan and the world. Retired for the Lansing School District, she studied psychology at Michigan State University.

She has also authored two books books; “Out Looking” a photo-exploration of Miller Bay in the tiny village of Willisville, Canada, and “3: A Balinese Cultural Way” another photo-exploration of the Balinese people and their belief system. Her books and artwork can be found on exhibit at Keys to Creativity Community Art Gallery at the Lansing Mall.

Jesse Collins

Jesse primarily works in acrylic and resin. His passion for art began as an outlet for his energy and is a radical expression for the confusion and disorder his life had been. His work is a bold unity of color and chaos. His use of color, texture, and mixed media brings together a canvas of unique creativity.

“I’ve always enjoyed creating and designing art, but just in the last few couple of years began working on canvas. I prefer to paint abstract for a couple of reasons. First, I believe in the perfectly imperfect. I feel this is the very definition of the painting mediums I use. Second, when I paint, I am trying to take control of the imperfect aspects of the world and illustrate that despite the obstacles, traumas, losses, etc. we face, we have a choice on how we view things. Therefore, I don’t like to explain each art piece. I like to hear what others see when they view my art, especially since it is abstract.

Jesse’s art is currently on display at Vintage Junkies in REO Town and Keys to Creativity Community Art Gallery in the Lansing Mall. You can follow him online atjesseallenartworks.weebly.comand on Instagram @jesseallenartworks.

Wendy Dalton

Wendy Dalton has been an artist all her life. “I’ve dabbled in just about every medium but fell in love with airbrushing. I didn’t paint for approximately 10 years.” In 2012 she began working again as a professional artist. “I usually do custom art to pay the bills but painting from the heart is my true love.”

Wendy is a highly sought after airbrush artist, working full-time on motorcycles and cars. She also is commissioned for private work as a portrait artist. Her works can be found in the offices of the Detroit Tigers to Keys to Creativity Community Art Gallery at the Lansing Mall and travelling over many of the highways throughout Michigan.


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Check out ANC’s 2015 Annual Report!


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