Active Neighboring News

The eNewsletter, Active Neighboring News, lets our community members know what is happening in the Neighborhood every week. The archive of sent eNewsletters can be found here

The Eastside Neighbor

Once physically mailed throughout the Neighborhood, our Quarterly Newsletter, The Eastside Neighbor, is now hand-delivered to the residents immediately surrounding Allen Neighborhood Center, and presents information about events in the community as a calendar every three months. The Eastside Neighbor archive can be found here, furthermore our non-immediate neighbors can pick up printed copies directly in the Allen Neighborhood Center office. To see our archive of The Eastside Neighbor click here.


The Allen Neighborhood Center Catalog in an annual publication that informs our neighbors of what is available to them directly from the Allen Neighborhood Center office, and when these things are available to them for use. Information about the Center, programs in the neighborhood, and other information regarding Eastside can also be found in our Catalogs. For the Allen Neighborhood Center Catalogs archive, please click here.

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