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Mid-Michigan farmers and food producers offer their communities an extensive market of fresh, nutritious, and conscientiously grown or crafted produce and food products. Our region’s livelihood depends on the hard work of these dedicated and creative individuals. However, for some, opportunities to expand into the commercial market on a larger scale can be few and far between.

In essence, Exchange facilitates beneficial relationships between commercial buyers looking to purchase wholesale produce or food products, and farmers or food producers wishing to diversify and expand their market. The Allen Neighborhood Center Exchange works to:

  • Ease the hassle of seeking out potential commercial business by providing you with free access to our online wholesale purchase order website. Here, you will post your available products for sale, allowing buyers to conveniently browse and order produce or food products on a weekly basis. Examples of potential buyers include local restaurants, hospitals, buying clubs, local schools, etc.
  • Provide you with updates on food safety, safe handling techniques, and sustainable growing practices.
  • Offer free workshops and low-cost or free consultation services on how to improve the marketability of your food business. Past workshop topics include choosing the right farm certification, food product licensing, and how to plan for success in future seasons.

Please review our Farmer & Food Producer Guide outlining more details about the Exchange program.


Order & Delivery Schedule:

  • Sunday:
    • Farmers/Producers update inventory by 5pm.
    • AMP closed.
  • Monday:
    • Exchange Manager sends ‘Fresh Sheet’ to buyers by 9:30am.
    • Buyers place orders by 8pm for Thursday fulfillment.
    • Farmers/Producers deliver Friday orders between 9am – 3pm.
  • Tuesday:
    • Buyer fulfillment (pickup or delivery) of orders placed Friday.
    • Farmers/Producers deliver Monday orders between 9am- 5pm.
  • Wednesday: 
    • Farmers/Producers deliver Monday orders between 9am- 3pm.
  • Thursday:
    • Buyer fulfillment (pickup or delivery) of orders placed Monday.
    • Farmers/Producers update inventory by 5 pm.
  • Friday:
    • Exchange Manager sends Fresh Sheet to buyers by 9:30 am.
    • Buyers place orders by 8pm for Tuesday fulfillment.
  • Saturday: 
    • AMP closed.


Click the links below to view each of the farmer/food producer profiles. More coming soon!

If you are a farmer or food producer interested in partnering with the Allen Neighborhood Center Exchange and would like further information, please contact Kat Logan at exchange@allenneighborhoodcenter.org or 517.999.3923

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For more information about the exchange contact Kat Logan, Exchange Manager at exchange@allenneighborhoodcenter.org or 517.999.3923